WESRAIL is an aluminum component pipe rail system, ideal for use in most handrail, guardrail, or safety rail applications. It is engineered to fit together precisely into a rigid, sturdy, and versatile system. It is available in both anodized and powder coated finishes.

WESRAIL is available prefabricated from the Moultrie Rail manufacturing facility to assure a uniformly high quality assembly and to simplify field installation. Our design department will do take-offs and provide shop drawings.

WESRAIL components may be assembled by a fabricator into any configuration to meet specific requirements. A WESRAIL engineering manual is available to assist the fabricator. To maintain all of the inherent advantages of the WESRAIL system, we recommend that the fabricator use WESRAIL pipe, extruded to close OD and ID tolerances and anodized for the closest possible color match to the WESRAIL fittings.

The aluminum pipe is individually sleeve-wrapped in plastic for protection and is available in lengths up to 21 feet.


Many applications call for welded railing and WESRAIL WELDED is the railing to meet those requirements. Welded and assembled at the factory, it is then Class I anodized or powder coated to customer specifications.

WESRAIL WELDED is available in a variety of designs and in lengths up to 18 feet for ease of field installation. It is also available in welded stainless steel.